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Creating a Separator in MO2.

  1. Right-click the empty space in the left pane of MO2 and select Create separator.
  2. Name the separator Visuals.
There may be less visual mods than you may be used to with a modded game, but there is good reason for that. The game has a pretty unoptimized renderer, built on now 20 year old DirectX 9.

Mesh replacers are often grossly unoptimized, which is disastrous, since the mesh pipeline is the main performance bottleneck.

ENBs may make for pretty screenshots, but they are near-impossible to play with due to the many bugs, performance problems and vision-obscuring effects they use.

Texture mods often suffer from being inadequately oversized, which leads to wasteful memory usage and increased loading times and stutter. They also create a great disparity between the new textures and the vanilla textures, both in quality and in style. They can also create some jarring texture transitions or seams, largely mitigated by Landscape Texture Improvements (already in the guide).

Mostly Fixed FaceGen Tints

Installation instructions:

Fixes the odd skin color you'll see on NPCs, including the player.

No Muzzle Flash Lights

Installation instructions:

Disables the lights cast by muzzle flashes, which can greatly improve performance in combat.
This mod does not disable the actual muzzle flashes, but rather the lights the muzzle flashes cast on the environment. It also only disables the effect for NPCs by default, but that can be configured via the included INI file. See the mod's screenshots for details. Like any mod in the guide, it can be skipped if you like the effect and don't mind the performance hit.

Anniversary Anim Pack

Installation instructions:

Patching Iron Sights Aligned with Anniversary Anim Pack:
  1. Right-click Iron Sights Aligned under your list's Bug Fixes separator, then click Reinstall Mod.
  2. You will be prompted with a FOMOD installer:
    1. Anniversary Anim Pack
    2. Yukichigai's Unofficial Patch
    3. Install
  3. Click Replace when prompted.
Overhauls most gun animations.

FNV Clean Animations

Installation instructions:

Another animation overhaul that goes well with the Anniversary Anim Pack.

Smooth True Iron Sights Camera

Installation instructions:

Aim down sights without the camera snapping to place. Engine plugin, no esps or animation files - compatible with all animation mods.

B42 Weapon Inertia

Installation instructions:

Gives weapons realistic inertia movement.

B42 Optics - ESPless

Installation instructions:

Replaces scopes with proper picture-in-picture ones.

NV Compatibility Skeleton

Installation instructions:

Allows multiple mods that edit the skeleton mesh to work together, required for B42 Weapon Inertia.

Improved LOD Noise Texture

Installation instructions:

Improves the generic LOD noise texture.

Landscape Texture Improvements

Installation instructions:

Improves many aspects of the landscape, most notably reducing texture seams.

Wasted Rocks Normals

Installation instructions:

Fixes the flipped lighting on the vanilla rock normal maps.

More Consistent Vanilla Rock Textures (Less Green Clifftops)

Installation instructions:

Makes the color of the canyon rubble and rock trim throughout most of the Mojave match better with the other meshes.

A Little More Lamplight

Installation instructions:

Enhances the vanilla streetlights and adds new ones around Outer Vegas, Freeside and more.

Atmospheric Lighting Tweaks

Installation instructions:

Makes changes to Image Spaces and Lighting Templates to give interiors a more dynamic and atmospheric look.

Desert Natural Weathers

Installation instructions:

Major overhaul to all of the weathers for the base game and DLCs.
If you want a weather mod other than DN Weathers, check out Altitude, Yellow Goodbye, or Clarity.

High Resolution Bloom NVSE

Installation instructions:

Allows for customizable bloom resolution, making it possible to use resolutions other than vanilla's quarter one.

Cloud Upgrade NVSE

Installation instructions:

Adds pseudo-animated clouds for horizons and panoramic cloud systems.

Interior Rain

Installation instructions:

Adds rain sounds to interiors.

3D Rain

Installation instructions:

Replace the ugly 2D rain with a new 3D version. Rain no longer looks weird when you look up or down.

Climate Control - Rain

Installation instructions:

Fixes rain not activating or deactivating correctly, as well as new sounds and textures.