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VNVE Finish

This is the final step of the guide, here we will apply the final Navmesh patch and order our plugins

VNV Extended Navmesh Patch

Installation instructions:

The following (optional) mods are required in order to use this patch:
  1. Essential Vanilla Enhancements Merged
  2. Better Brotherhood
  3. Uncut Wasteland
  4. Functional Post Game Ending
  5. The Living Desert
If you skipped any of these mods, you will need to create your own patch at this point by following this guide (scroll down to the compatibility section).

Load Order

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the file.
  2. Once it has finished downloading, click the MO2 folders button at the top of MO2 and select Open Profile folder.
  3. Extract the loadorder.txt from the downloaded archive to the folder you opened and overwrite when prompted.
  4. Once the file is extracted, click F5 while you are on MO2 without any menu open.
  5. Right-click in the right pane of MO2 and select Enable all.
  6. Disable/uninstall the Navmesh Overhaul YUP Patch under the Bug Fixes separator.
If you have not added any mods to the guide, CC - 3D Rain.esp should be the bottom mod in your load order (the Plugins tab in the right pane of MO2) after applying the load order and refreshing MO2. If not, you made a mistake during mod installation.
You can join our Discord for support.
Automatically ensures your load order is correct for the guide.
REMINDER: Run the game using the New Vegas option in MO2!
Run New Vegas through MO2

Finishing Notes

You have now completed the full Viva New Vegas guide and you can enjoy the game. You may want to add your own mods on top of the guide, but that is only recommended if you are an experienced modder since you need to know how to use FNVEdit and The Method and have good general knowledge of many game systems.

And remember, we may not provide support for setups that have added mods, especially if you went overboard.

Mojave Express Guide

Mojave Express Guide

You may also be interested in the Mojave Express Guide, which offers a wider selection of mods for VNVE users. Support for this list is provided on their Discord server.