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In this step, we will install mods that are required by the game and other mods to function properly

If you run into any issues at any point in the guide, please be sure to check the FAQ.
If your issue is not addressed there, join the Discord for support.

Epic Games Patcher

You obviously need to skip this mod if you have the Steam or GOG version of the game.

Installation instructions:

Downgrades the Epic Games EXE for xNVSE and mod support.

xNVSE (Script Extender)

Installation instructions:

An updated version of the original NVSE, which extends the scripting capabilities of the game.

FNV BSA Decompressor

Installation instructions:

Decompresses the vanilla BSA files to reduce loading times and stuttering. Can also fix certain sound effects not playing.

Ultimate Edition ESM Fixes

Installation instructions

Optimizes and fixes thousands of records across the base game and DLC plugins to increase performance and stability.

FNV 4GB Patcher

This is required for both Steam & GOG users! The 4GB Patch included with the GOG release is obsolete as it lacks NVSE integration.

Epic Games Store users already have this patch thanks to the Epic Games Patcher.

Installation instructions:

Allows the game to use 4GB of RAM and makes the default executable auto-load NVSE, which is safer than using the NVSE executable.

New Vegas Heap Replacer

Installation instructions:

Replaces the game's heap management system with a much faster version, which can lead to large performance gains.

Creating a Separator in MO2

  1. Right-click the empty space in the left pane of MO2 and select Create separator.
  2. Name the separator Utilities.


This is the first mod in the guide that is installed with the Mod Manager Download button, you will need to click that button then head to the Downloads section of Mod Organizer 2 to install it. Once installed, make sure you check the box next to it in the left pane of MO2 to enable it.

Installation instructions:

Adds new script functions, features and engine bug fixes.

JohnnyGuitar NVSE

Installation instructions:

Adds new script functions, features and engine bug fixes.

ShowOff xNVSE Plugin

Installation instructions:

NVSE plugin adding new functions and engine-level tweaks & bugfixes.

NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix

Installation instructions:

Fixes micro-stuttering, performance and allows playing at higher framerates (up to a safe maximum of 120).

kNVSE Animation Plugin

Installation instructions:

Resource for expanding and improving the game's limited animation system.

UIO - User Interface Organizer

Installation instructions:

Automatically ensures that multiple HUD extensions work together, as well as fixing many bugs and improving performance.
Linux users!
Proton 8.0-5 crashes with UIO! Please use Proton 8-25 or newer.

FNV Mod Limit Fix

Installation instructions:

Raises the game's file handles limit and improves performance/loading times, even if you are far below it.

Yvile's Crash Logger

Installation instructions:

A DLL that logs raw crash data.

Improved Console (NVSE)

Installation instructions:

Enhances the console's abilities to be able to execute and print results from all available script commands. Full scripting support inside console, including creating variables and evaluating NVSE expressions (arrays, strings) for easy mod development and prototyping. Mouse wheel scrolling included too.

Console Paste Support

Installation instructions:

Adds Ctrl+V as a hotkey to paste into the in-game console, along with a few other helpful shortcuts.

Basic Console Autocomplete

Installation instructions:

Adds autocomplete and reverse searching to the game console.


Installation instructions:

Implements an ESPless framework to create, and automatically load keywords in a simple user-friendly way, via use of ini config files.

Custom INI

In this step we will take advantage of JIP LN NVSE's FalloutCustom.ini feature to improve performance and stability without affecting the main INIs.
  1. Click the MO2 INI button button at the top of MO2 and select INI Editor.
  2. Select the FalloutCustom.ini tab, which should be blank.
    • Make sure you are in the FalloutCustom.ini tab and NOT the Custom.ini tab.
    • If you don't see the FalloutCustom.ini tab, then you have not enabled profile-specific Game INI Files in Profile settings during MO2 configuration.
  3. Paste in the following:
It is highly recommended to avoid changing any other INI settings not in the guide and to avoid using tools like BethINI.
You will realistically not need any other tweaks than the ones already in the guide.

Testing Utilities

  1. Restart your PC (otherwise some plugins may fail to load).
  2. Launch the game using the New Vegas option in MO2 (not the NVSE option).
  3. Run New Vegas through MO2
  4. If you see a black console window appear, it means NVHR is working.
    • If not, NVHR is installed incorrectly.
  5. Once the game has reached the main menu, hit the ~ key (above the tab key) to open the console. Don't start a new game.
    • You will need to unplug/disconnect any controllers to be able to use the keyboard.
  6. Enter GetNVSEVersion and the console should print NVSE version: 6
    • If not, xNVSE is installed incorrectly.
  7. Next, enter GetIsLAA and the console should print GetIsLAA >> 2
    • If it prints >> 0, then the 4GB Patch was applied incorrectly.
    • If it prints an error message, then JIP LN NVSE is installed incorrectly.
  8. Next, enter GetINISetting "iNumHWThreads:General" and the console should print INISetting iNumHWThreads:General >> 3
  9. Next, enter IsDLLLoaded CrashLogger and the console should print IsDLLLoaded "CrashLogger.dll" >> 1
  10. Next, enter IsDLLLoaded NVTF and the console should print IsDLLLoaded "nvtf.dll" >> 1
    • If not, then NVTF is installed incorrectly.
  11. Lastly, enter IsDLLLoaded mlf and the console should print IsDLLLoaded "mlf.dll" >> 1
  12. Close the game.