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User Interface

In this step, we will install various mods focused on interface visuals and its usability

Creating a Separator in MO2

  1. Right-click the empty space in the left pane of MO2 and select Create separator.
  2. Name the separator User Interface.

The Mod Configuration Menu

Installation instructions:

Allows select mods to be configured via a single in-game menu.

Vanilla UI Plus

Installation instructions:

Improves the user interface without compromising the original style.

Clean Vanilla HUD

Installation instructions:

The older version of the mod is intentional due to the inclusion of fonts.
HD remake of the vanilla interface.

High Res Local Maps

Installation instructions:

Increases the resolution of local maps to a configurable target resolution.

High Resolution Screens

Installation instructions:

Increases the render resolution of in-game screens (Pip-Boy, terminals, character creation menu) to match game's screen resolution.

Faster Main Menu

Installation instructions:

Makes the game's main menu load faster.

Installation instructions:

Add Ctrl-F to search in PipBoy, Container, Barter, Recipe, Levelup Perks and Save/Load menus.

JIP Improved Recipe Menu ESPless

Installation instructions:

Makes the crafting menu easier, more efficient and less tedious to use.

Sleep Wait Hardcore Needs

Installation instructions:

The Sleep and Wait menus will show the amount of H2O, FOD, and SLP to be gained or lost based on the time selected.

Consistent Weapon Mod Descriptions

Installation instructions:

Rewrites weapon mod descriptions for the sake of consistency and clarity. Fixing punctuation, missing stat info, and confusing wording.

No Exit to Main Menu

Installation instructions:

Removes the Pause Menu option for exiting to the Main Menu, helping prevent issues that can arise from loading saves or starting a new game after exiting.