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In this step, we will install mods that completely rebalance game mechanics and its difficulty

As with the previous page, it is especially important to read the descriptions of these mods.

Creating a Separator in MO2

  1. Right-click the empty space in the left pane of MO2 and select Create separator.
  2. Name the separator Overhauls.

Vigor - A Vanilla JSawyer Fork

Installation instructions:

A fork of JSawyer that strikes a balance between JSawyer's balance overhaul and vanilla - along with bug and consistency fixes. Among the large number of changes, here are the highlights:

Essential Vanilla Enhancements Merged

Installation instructions:

Compilation of many smaller gameplay-related mods, all updated, fixed and optimized to work together.

Better Character Creation

Installation instructions:

Improves the character creation by speeding up the process, adding specialized gear based on your tag skills and making Wild Wasteland an opt-in feature rather than a trait.

Traps Tweaks - Traps Use Other Skills

Installation instructions:

Makes explosive traps use explosives, survival, or science skills instead of repair, which is already super useful.

Harder Barter Faster Stronger

Installation instructions:

Makes the economy harsher for characters with low barter, makes barter affect prices more and slightly narrows the difference between max sell and min buy prices.

Better Brotherhood

Installation instructions:

Tweaks to make the Mojave Brotherhood a better faction, including more sources of fame, fixed ending slide conditions, additional repair services, improved diversified leveled lists and a new weapon.