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Welcome to Viva New Vegas, a modular vanilla-plus modding guide for Fallout New Vegas!

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Everything in this guide is written down for a reason! It is vital to read everything!
You can NOT skip any paragraphs/instructions and expect your game to function as it should.


Viva New Vegas is a modding guide for Fallout New Vegas that will carefully walk you through how to install all the mods you will need for a perfectly stable, smooth and enjoyable experience.

The guide is highly accessible for everyone, no matter your modding experience. It is still incredibly important that you read all the instructions very carefully, even if you believe you are experienced enough to skip them. There are many small instructions that are vital for your game to function, and could be easily missed if you aren't careful. Although you don't need any modding experience to use this guide, it is expected for you to be relatively experienced with operating a computer in general.



Recommended Specs

The guide will make the game run better than vanilla. The game is much more CPU-intensive than GPU-intensive, and actually scales with modern hardware pretty well. Installing the game on an SSD will drastically improve loading times and decrease stuttering. Here are the recommended specs for being able to run the guide at 60 FPS at 1080p:


Have any questions? We have a Discord dedicated to the guide and a FAQ section.