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In this step, we will install mods that restore removed, and add new lore-friendly content to the game

Mods in this section are focused on world elements and NPCs, not quests or weaponry

Creating a Separator in MO2

  1. Right-click the empty space in the left pane of MO2 and select Create separator.
  2. Name the separator Content.

Uncut Wasteland

Installation instructions:

A custom version of the original Uncut Wasteland mod, which restores many pieces of cut scenery and a few NPCs that were cut because of console limitations.

Misc Content Restoration

Installation instructions:

Restores a lot of extra details and small features.

FPGE - Functional Post Game Ending

Installation instructions:

Adds a fully functional post-ending world with consequences and a vastly changed world.

Essential DLC Enhancements Merged

Installation instructions:

Merge of many gameplay improvements for the DLCs, all updated and fixed.

The Living Desert

Installation instructions:

Adds hundreds of new NPCs and scripted events that make the world feel much more alive and reactive.

Better Brotherhood

Installation instructions:

Tweaks to make the Mojave Brotherhood a better faction, including more sources of fame, fixed ending slide conditions, additional repair services, improved diversified leveled lists and a new weapon.